Our people work together in teams. Effective teamwork is critical to ensuring the proper delivery of services to our clients.

“My team from Blick Rothenberg has been extremely responsive to our changing needs and provides excellent customer service. I have confidence in the accuracy of the financial reports that they prepare for our subsidiary company. No adjustments have ever been required.”Accounting Manager, NanoString Technologies, Inc.
We promote teamwork through active management, regular structured courses and team-building events.

The team who are assigned to work on your account will remain consistent as far as possible to allow you to build a productive working relationship. This team will be supplemented by specialists in areas such as implementation, IT solutions or technical specialists as appropriate.

The Blick Rothenberg team is substantially based in our London office. We complete the majority of our work including all client contact from this location. Some of the processing and reconciliation work, along with preparing first drafts of reports for our review in the UK, is completed by dedicated teams of staff at our outsourcing partners, SandMartin (