Client Manager (CM)

The CM has the primary task of controlling the workflow on a portfolio of clients, dealing with more technical queries as they arise and completing quality control reviews in a timely and accurate fashion. This requires technical knowledge, attention to detail and an ability to organise the workloads of others.

Title: Client Manager (CM)

Reports to: Partners in Global Business Services

Working with: Partners and staff across the department

Location: 16 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5AH

Summary of role

The more detailed services completed by the CM are the review of VAT returns and registrations, management reports, payment runs, client billing process, dealing with queries as they arise and provision of these deliverables in an accurate and timely way. The role will include the implementation of new clients with and without the support of senior management; and the management of the staff completing such work both to meet the standards required in the short run, to reduce the support needed to do so over time; and in the longer run to allow staff to progress in their own careers within BRGBS.

The role requires significant interaction with, and leadership of, the BRGBS team. In most cases there will be direct line management of more junior staff. A good CM will communicate with these individuals, and others, including outsourcers, regardless of whether they are their direct line manager, on a regular basis to train and develop them from both a technical and personal perspective.

The CM will have the primary contact with senior client staff, typically Financial Controllers and CFO level staff who will be based overseas along with UK based operational staff. As such the CM will need to be confident in communicating both in writing and, both more significantly and more often, over the phone with staff of differing level of seniority including at third parties such as auditors and HM Revenue & Customs.

All work completed should be with reference to our values and commitments to client service. A good CM will understand the client’s business and identify issues over and above those immediately arising from the work being reviewed. They will keep in mind technical issues they have come across before to highlight these internally within BRGBS and Blick Rothenberg. They will identify issues in BRGBS’ processes and propose improvements.

Each CM is assigned a portfolio of clients. It is inevitable there will be times when clients are demanding and, as a client focused business, we will try and accommodate this. A CM should be able to deal with such demands on their own portfolio, and in respect of those staff who report to them, in a timely manner, identify and highlight when they need assistance and be prepared to assist others. A CM exercises judgment to keep directors up to date both by way of regular meetings or ad-hoc updates where appropriate.

An outstanding CM should be seeking to develop their interpersonal and technical skills to the stage where they consistently demonstrate that they are delivering excellent client service. They will drive forward projects to improve BRGBS systems and processes. Each CM will report to a Director for their personal development and more generally to the appropriate Directors in relation to client matters.

In addition to a competitive remuneration package, Blick Rothenberg operates a Flexible Hours of Work Policy which provides people with the freedom to organise their working day around their commitments outside work.

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