Senior Client Manager ("SM") - (German Speaking)

The SM has the primary tasks of supporting and developing the Client Managers in their work, particularly in relation to more complex clients; driving through change in processes and systems and supporting the partners in the day-to-day running of the firm.

The more detailed services completed by the SM will include, for example, management of complex client relationships, establishing accounting practices for clients as they are on boarded, management of relationships with third party service providers such as outsourcers, management of relationships with accrediting bodies and the control of standardised procedures across the firm. The role will also include assistance with the management of staff when specific issues arise.

This role requires German language fluency.

The role requires significant interaction across the firm. The role is one where leadership, both through interaction with others and through actions is important. 

A good SM will be seen as being a source of knowledge for queries regarding the way in which clients are serviced, including systems and technical queries and will be able to deal with the majority of the former without recourse to others.

All work that the SM completes should be done with reference to the Blick Rothenberg values and commitments to client service.

An excellent SM will complete individual projects on time or ahead of schedule whilst balancing competing requests for their time and will identify improvements to the team’s systems and processes throughout their day to day work. These will be translated into small and large scale improvements, the latter as part of formal project plans, driven by the SM directly and by other staff following the leadership and guidance of the SM.

A SM will not typically have a substantial assigned portfolio of client work. They will however be expected to meet substantial chargeable hours targets through their involvement in client matters. Much of this will be with regard to newer client relationships. As such it is inevitable there will be times when clients (internally and externally) will be demanding in their requirements and as a client focused business we will always try and react to this. A SM should be able to deal with such requirements in a timely manner, identify and highlight when they need assistance and be prepared to assist others throughout the firm. As and when this impacts the wider workload of the SM they should be organised enough to highlight this and its likely impacts early in the process.

An outstanding SM should be seen to be building strong client relationships from limited interaction, be seen as approachable by all staff and will be able to resolve issues, in the best interests of the firm, without recourse to others. They will however be able to identify the small number of significant issues that require the involvement of a partner and will highlight these in good time.

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