The BWI Group, also known as Beijing West Industries, is a multi-national supplier of brake and suspension systems. The group, a joint venture between Shougang Corporation and Beijing Fangshan State & Asset Management Company Ltd, was founded in 2009 and at that time acquired the chassis division of Delphi.

Delphi itself was spun out of General Motors a number of years earlier. The group has manufacturing locations in China, Poland, the United Kingdom and Mexico with global headquarters in Beijing and significant back office support coordinated from the US.

What was their challenge?

In 2009, the central accounting support previously provided by Delphi was no longer available to BWI. Blick Rothenberg was able to step in and within four weeks was providing the accounting support in countries as diverse as Germany, Italy, Taiwan, and Australia. These sales and marketing sites of BWI were not significant enough to require their own accounting department.

How did Blick Rothenberg help?

Having the accounting services provided in each country was the best solution, given the different local requirements and complexities that would have made it too difficult for a shared services provider.

Blick Rothenberg has provided the following services for BWI; management reporting, co-ordinated payment of invoices, and provided an online web interface for document approval.

Blick Rothenberg was also able to assist with facilitation of international payments through an online platform provided by what is now Western Union (previously Travelex). This service was a requirement as BWI did not have the international bank accounts open on day one of the acquisition, and therefore was not able to pay their local invoices.

What was the result?

Karen Weaver, the Global Controller of BWI, has said that “it is very reassuring to be able to rely on Blick Rothenberg for a full range of services. This was particularly the case given the geographical coverage that they can provide. Having Blick Rothenberg certainly has assisted us in not having to learn all the detailed requirements in countries across three different continents."

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