Edifice/SPS Commerce

Edifice Information Management (“Edifice”) collect information from point of sale, merchandising and supply chain systems on behalf of retailers.


Assisting pre and post acquisition

The information is provided in a format that allows vendors to manage inventory allocation, promotions, mark downs and the like. They work with a number of high profile retailers and manufacturers.

Edifice originally expanded to the UK (with their head office in New Jersey) as a result of demand from their existing client base. Since that time operations have expanded to include Japan.

Blick Rothenberg has been able to provide Edifice with the support it needs to grow its operations without having to worry about day to day requirements. Blick Rothenberg leverages relationships around the world in order to provide a coordinated service offering. In Japan for example, a country with a very different business culture than either the US or the UK, the Edifice accounts team in the US do not need to have any day-to-day contact with the Japanese service provider. Accounts are provided in a format consistent with the UK and US books and records through one online portal and any queries are handled from the UK.

Nick Ilacqua, CFO for Edifice, has commented that “Jim and his team at Blick Rothenberg have allowed us to focus on core expansion without having to worry unduly about the day-to-day operations. As we have entered a new market they have been able to either provide us with advice directly or refer us to individuals who are well placed to do so, which has significantly benefitted us in not having to build and maintain a number of different relationships.”

In 2012 Edifice was purchased by SPS Commerce (NASDAQ: SPSC). Blick Rothenberg, having worked with over 100 subsidiaries of US listed businesses, have the experience and expertise to be able to assist groups large and small. This support has allowed SPS Commerce to continue to focus on growing the Edifice business without having to worry about compliance and control.

For more information, please contact partner Simon Gleeson at simon.gleeson@blickrothenberg.com