Olapic is a digital marketing company who collect user generated contents from sources such as Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Vine and YouTube.

Olapic’s customers have the opportunity to curate the user-generated content from these sources and publish this as they see fit. They can extend this to other forms of marketing materials and measure the success of campaigns undertaken.

Given the global nature of the market place for Olapic’s services, it has been a natural choice for them to expand across different territories as they seek to build their customer base.

When Olapic first entered the UK they needed a proactive service to manage their payroll requirements along with other accounting and tax services. Olapic worked with Blick Rothenberg to provide this support.

As Olapic expanded into other European countries, hiring employees relatively quickly in both France and Germany, they came to us to seek similar advice relating to these territories. We were able to co-ordinate with local partner firms on the ground to understand the wider requirements, not just for setting up payroll, but also for wider reporting that may be necessary. The advice was co-ordinated in order to minimise the compliance costs and risk but also to reduce the need to provide the same information repeatedly.

The payroll advice provided covered the set up of the scheme, registration with the tax authorities and the information required from the company and its employees. All of this was coordinated by a named employee of Blick Rothenberg and explained through a series of proactive calls and emails. We also handled administration of the payments across all three territories. Initially, this was by way of a client account with advice given on how to establish a more cost-effective long-term solution to manage the multi-currency payments.

Jeannette Freed, corporate controller at Olapic, New York, commented that, “Blick Rothenberg has made it very easy for us to expand into new territories. They have guided us through the process both in the UK and now in other territories, and I have every confidence that they will be able to help us further as we continue our global expansion.”

For more information, please contact partner Simon Gleeson at simon.gleeson@blickrothenberg.com