Client Testimonials


We complete annual client satisfaction surveys to ensure that our service continues to develop and improve and that we pick up on those areas where we need to continue to focus our improvement. In the last such questionnaire, over 99% of clients said that they were sufficiently satisfied to recommend our services.

“Blick Rothenberg has not only been an accounting support provider but also a business advisor. They have been in regular communication with us as we enter not one but several markets at once. Their experience has been invaluable in making sure we can operate efficiently, move our goods, collect cash and pay suppliers.”CFO, Ring of Security
“I feel comfortable as we continue our global expansion with operations planned for Australia we will be able to rely on Blick Rothenberg to provide a global consolidated service.”Chairman, TodayTix
“The success of the implementation phase of the relationship with Blick Rothenberg gave as all the assurance we needed to be confident in their future handling of our new outsourced finance function and we have no doubt that Blick Rothenberg were the right choice for us.”Consultant, Island Green Power
“Blick Rothenberg is always very professional and responsive.”Controller, iRise
“Our audit process is seamless given the cooperation and approach Blick Rothenberg undertakes with our US auditors.”Controller, Zilliant
“Blick Rothenberg have been a great help as we have expanded internationally. We are able to speak to staff at all levels, up to and including partners, whenever we need to. This has been for matters that have ranged from the day-to-day operations to high level advisory.”Corporate Controller, Kargo
“The quality of their work is outstanding.” Financial Controller, Publieurope Limited
“[Blick Rothenberg] continues to provide excellent service in all aspects - nothing is ever too much to ask, and the turnaround for ad hoc requests is excellent. The level of accuracy … exceeds expectations.” HR Director, TSYS Card Tech Limited
“[Our contact] is a very reliable and confidential colleague. I can always trust her and she gives a great service.”HR International Assistant, Jack Wolfskin UK Limited
“I really appreciate the patience of the service team and the quick response time if I have any questions.” Human Resources Specialist, Bilfinger Construction GmbH
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