As part of Blick Rothenberg, we have a long and proud history of involvement with charitable and not-for-profit organisations, adopting a sympathetic approach that goes beyond simply fulfilling statutory obligations. Many of our partners take an active role as trustees and directors of a wide range of charities.

In December 2007, we launched a corporate and social responsibility (CSR) programme aimed at reducing the environmental harm of doing business and contributing to society through charitable activity. Our CSR programme has been successfully implemented and has proven to be popular among staff. We plan to continuously develop our CSR programme, creating a greater impact on our local community and the environment.

Our initial key aims include:

  • Reducing volumes of dry waste and recycling as much as possible.
  • Reducing energy consumption, using renewable energy resources and carbon neutralising where possible.
  • Investing time and monetary resources to support charitable organisations and the local community.

Current initiatives to achieve these aims include:

  • Through the introduction of dry recycling bins, over half of our waste is now recycled.
  • All plain paper used at our offices is manufactured from renewable forestry. This has helped to save hundreds of trees.
  • We recycle all our toner cartridges and batteries.
  • Introducing personalised staff mugs and glasses has reduced our plastic cup consumption from 6,000 per month (in 2007) to zero.
  • A Give As You Earn (GAYE) scheme to enable staff to make regular tax-free donations through the payroll.
  • Partnering with specialist organisations to give staff the opportunity to provide professional assistance on a pro bono basis and also to participate in firm sponsored community activities.
  • Supporting a ‘Charity of the year’. Our 2016/2017 ‘Charity of the year’ is The Ben Kinsella Trust.

We hope that these and many other CSR initiatives will continue to ensure that we act responsibly and contribute to the wider local community.