Inward Investment

We have been assisting international companies entering a new territory since 1945. Our clients come from all corners of the world; from America and Australia to Europe and Asia, and rely on our expertise to assist with their overseas investments.

“Going to Blick Rothenberg made our initial set-up in the UK much simpler than it would have been.”Ann Flanigan, VP of Finance for Xerimis

Inward investment experts

Often our clients have little knowledge of the compliance regulations, complex tax legislation and the local business culture that is vital to understand for the success of their investments.

Our inward investment experts are able to help them in these areas and put them in touch with other professional firms and organisations that can also help in the initial stages. We have excellent professional relationships with law firms, bankers, insurance brokers and regional development agencies, all of whom we work closely with for the benefit of our mutual clients.

We offer an integrated suite of services, developed to cater for the needs of international companies taking their first steps into an international market.

Our inward investment services include:

  • Advice regarding business structure
  • Entity formation
  • Taxation advice, including cross-border trading and transfer pricing implications
  • Advice relating to employee benefits
  • Tax planning and compliance relating to individuals seconded to the UK
  • VAT, CIS and PAYE registration
  • Outsourced accounting and full back office administration services
  • Payroll compliance
  • Value-added tax and associated compliance
  • Preparation of statutory financial statements and audit
  • Corporate tax compliance
  • Corporate and personal tax advice
  • Business consultancy and due diligence work

If you are considering entering the UK market for the first time it is essential that you obtain professional advice. We would be happy to provide you with a free consultation.

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