Our Services

Our services range from accounting outsourcing and managed payroll to global accounting and administration services, including management of your entire accounting function across more than 60 countries (and growing). This can be extended to financial and management accounts, as well as specific regulatory needs such as VAT compliance and advisory.

“Our audit process is seamless given the cooperation and approach Blick Rothenberg undertakes with our US auditors.”Emily Bubolz, Controller at Zilliant
Our clients have the ability to determine the depth of services and ownership we fulfil, from full back office support or specific reporting requirements relevant to their needs. Our suite of services includes:

At Blick Rothenberg we continuously invest in our people, innovation and technology so our clients and customers can feel confident that they are receiving high quality, high value, business-critical advice and services. The video below summarises this service delivery.

We have ‘ten commitments’ which we expect our people to abide by to ensure we are always providing the best client service possible:

  • Under promise, over deliver … so that people will feel they can rely on you.
  • Assume personal responsibility for service, quality, timeliness, cost … so that we always meet the highest standards.
  • Anticipate clients’ and colleagues’ needs, focus on their problems, be proactive … because then they will see you as contributing to their success.
  • Throw in little extras … so that people will feel surprised and delighted.
  • Make your communications easy to understand … or else they may go to someone who speaks their language.
  • Don’t keep clients or colleagues waiting … so that people won’t give up on you and go elsewhere.
  • Keep people properly updated on the progress of lengthy, time consuming tasks … or else they may think you’ve forgotten about them.
  • Think how we can do things better next time … so that we give an even better service.
  • Keep your appearance immaculate … so that people will take you seriously.
  • If there’s bad news, tell them before they tell you … so that they will continue to trust you.

Diagram to show global business services process