Payroll services

Businesses making payments or providing expense reimbursement and benefits to employees must consider the tax compliance requirements of local tax authorities. Our payroll services can help you with these management responsibilities.

“Blick Rothenberg's payroll service is the best I have ever experienced.”HR Manager, Grupo Konecta UK Limited

Our payroll service

Most countries operate a payroll deduction system. Such systems aim to collect the expected amount of tax that an employee will have to pay during a year, together with any related employee and/or employer National Insurance/social security contributions that may be due.

Businesses with employees need to understand the requirements of registering for, and operating, a registered payroll, including the timely payment of salaries and deductions and the submission of associated reporting to the tax authorities. Failure to operate payroll services in a timely manner can lead to interest charges, financial penalties - and some very unhappy employees.

Our personally delivered payroll solution can provide you with the peace of mind that you will be compliant with statutory requirements without any need to deal with a call centre or to ‘self-serve’.

Our payroll service providers:

We relieve this compliance burden from you with our outsourced payroll solution. All you need to do is advise us of your employee hours, any overtime, commissions, bonus, holiday and other variable details and we do the rest. Our experienced team are fully up to date with the ever-changing legislation and employer obligations.

International payroll solutions:

We can provide international payroll solutions across one territory or many as we support your global expansion. We work with local technical specialists in-territory so that you don’t have to. You maintain one central, personal point of contact.

Our service begins by understanding your need for registration, determining the best structure through which to operate and continues through registration and on-going compliance.

Our payroll outsourcing service comprises:

  • Payroll registration
  • Highly confidential payroll services
  • Maintenance of payroll records
  • Periodic security sealed payslips or, in certain territories, electronic payslips
  • Reporting to the tax authorities
  • Managing tax and social security payments to the tax authorities
  • Bonus, commission and overtime payments
  • Pension and court order deductions and payments
  • Administration of childcare vouchers and similar benefits
  • Complying with maternity and sickness regulations
  • Answering employee queries
  • End of year returns
  • All administration matters including liaison with the tax authorities
  • Online access to payroll records
  • Customised reporting, including departmental analysis

Highly commended at the CIPP Excellence Awards

Blick Rothenberg has been highly commended by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals ("CIPP") as being a leading firm in the provision of international payroll services. The recognition came in consideration of our range of services; from advising on the most efficient structure through to compliance reporting for both personal tax and payroll. We are unique in that we are leaders in both international tax and international payrolls, providing an award-winning specialist international tax team alongside a high quality and experienced payroll team. This combination helps organisations manage these increasingly complex international tax obligations and payrolls, and also helps maximise planning opportunities.

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