Ensuring a safe and secure working environment

Blick Rothenberg has partnered with Procius to offer our clients a complete employee vetting and screening service, as part of our suite of Employer Solutions services.

In an ever-increasingly compliance-driven market-place, determining whether a candidate will be a 'good fit' for your business has become more critical to the hiring process.

As such, pre-employment checks are now an integral part of the recruitment process; reducing the risk of hiring employees who might cause difficulties for the organisation, its employees and clients going forward.

According to HireRight's 2017 employment screening benchmark report, 85% of employers caught applicants lying on their résumés or applications, up from just 66% five years ago.

Despite the international workforce becoming increasingly cohesive through technology, few organisations have developed a global screening program. With cost of a ‘bad hire’ estimated to be between 4x and 15x the annual salary, hiring firms simply cannot afford to ignore this critical part of the recruiting process.

Together with Procius, we now provide a complete online employee screening solution with real-time updates and 24/7 online access. Services and levels of due diligence are available across all packages and on a Pay-As-You-Go basis.

The risks of doing nothing:

More industries are duty bound by regulatory bodies to maintain a safe working environment to protect the company, employees and its customers.

  • Fraud – more than half of applicants lie on their résumé and job application
  • Brand Reputation - 87% would not do business with a company that had faced a data breach involving credit or debit card information
  • Loss - 43% of data breaches come from the insider threat, and half of those are intentional

  • Peace of mind delivered through our secure online platform:

  • Order background checks online
  • Set up and manage employees by start date, department or employee type
  • Connect your employees to their checks using just their email address
  • Monitor each employee’s progress in detail and in real-time
  • Download completed dossiers at the click of a button
  • Free access to a wide range of reporting and MI tools
  • Instant audit trail for all employment screening activity
  • 24/7 updates via MyCheck™ – access is available for both clients and applicants

  • For further insights, please contact partner Simon Gleeson at simon.gleeson@blickrothenberg.com